Best Car Wash Spots

Best Car Wash Spots



We have got some of the best car wash spots for you to pick from so that you can let someone else do the hard yards, while you kick back and relax over a coffee and the weekend papers.


Come and try their fast and safe touch-free Laser Wash with high pressure under body wash or drive into one of their 5 hand wash bays. And after your wash feel free to park your car and chamois dry your car or vacuum and clean your interior. Wash ‘N’ Go has five self-serve wash bays, each equipped with a high pressure water spray and foaming brush which allows you to control the washing process. A coin-operated controller provides you with 1 minute and 10 seconds of wash time for every dollar you insert. Step-by-step instructions are displayed on the wall of each bay. Their attendant is available to assist you between 9am – 4pm Mon – Fri and between 9am – 3pm Sat & Sun. They’re open 24 hours a dayWash n Go’s Laser Wash 360 Express is just $15.00 which includes Tripple Foam Soap,High Pressure Rinse,Spot Free Rinse .

The Laser Wash 360 Deluxe is just $18.00 and it includes Under Body Wash,Wheel and Tyre Wash,Tripple Foam Soap,High Pressure Rinse,Low Pressure Wax,Double Spot Free Rinse and

Their Laser Wash 360 Ultimate was $25.00 but is now $20.00 it includes High Pressure Under, Body Wash,Wheel and Tyre Wash,Tripple Foam Soap,High Pressure Rinse,Low Pressure Wax,Tri-Colour Foam Wax,Overglow Wax,Double Spot Free Rinse and Double Air Dry.


A family owned and operated business founded in 2002, Zoom Carwash is Brisbane’s number one car wash and car detailing service. With 4 convenient locations around the city, our soft cloth technology offers you a superior clean without the scratching that can occur with hand washing or traditional auto-wash machines.

Over 90% of water used at Zoom Carwash is recycled and they have a massive 200,000 litres of underground water storage on site combining reclaimed water and rainwater runoff. At Zoom, they make sure they don’t waste a drop. Want your car to sparkle without damaging the environment? Zoom Carwash is the answer!

Zoom Car Wash offers different wash clubs with decent rates and provides with excellent service for car wash.


Sparkles Car Wash was established in 1995 providing professional hand car wash and detailing services in Brisbane metro areas. It quickly established an excellent reputation in the car wash and detailing industry and in recent years, has anchored in most major shopping centres in Brisbane and on the Gold

Coast. Nowadays, Sparkles Car Wash is a household brand for the people of Brisvegas and is well known for high quality hand car wash and detailing.


Goodna car wash is one of the few environmentally friendly car washes in Brisbane using recycled water. And guess what? They still hand prepare your vehicle before it reaches our Laser Washes. They have clean Self Serve Bays if you want to wash your car yourself. Car clubs, business, and individual owners, have made Goodna Carwash their vehicle washing destination, why don’t you? Whether you live locally or are travelling between Brisbane and Toowoomba come check us out!

The services they offer are as follows

Modern Wash Features

Their modern wash features two different touch free Laser washes where they Hand Prepare your vehicle between 8 am and 5pm (weather permitting).

What do they offer?





They offer very realistic prices ranging from $17 on the Laser Washes or from a couple of dollars in the Self Serve Bays, their clean and well lit car wash will meet your expectations.

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