Car Crack Down

The figures come after a string of hazardous driving incidents involving youths — including the tragic death of a woman who was hit at high speed by a purloined car on the Southern Expressway.

They were among 42,000 vehicles impounded after the State Regime incremented penalties in October, 2010 to “punish the wrongdoers on our roads’’.

MORE than 2000 cars have been crushed or sold since tough laws were introduced to crack down on perilous drivers .Changes to malefactor laws included giving police the puissance to impound cars for up to 28 days for offences including dangerous driving, drink or drug driving and driving unlicensed or unregistered

The second most mundane offence was driving while disqualified (11,004), followed by driving while unlicensed (3638), drug driving (2082) and reiterate driving of an unregistered vehicle (1978).

Since the first full financial year of the incipient laws, the number of cars impounded has fallen from a high of 7932 in 2011-12.

The fall in impounded vehicle is linked to the number of drivers nabbed drunk abaft the wheel.

Latest police figures shows $50,000 has been raised by scrapping 1926 vehicle and selling another 313 since 2010.

Impounded cars forsook by their owners are either crushed for scrap metal or auctioned to raise money for the Victims of Cime fund.

However, traffic branch boss Superintendent Anthony Fioravanti, verbalized impounding cars perpetuated to act as “one of the range of consequences which can deter drivers from hazardous deportment on the state’s roads’’. For further detailed information visit:

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